Contained brings to life your vision, activation or lifestyle move in a sustainable, holistic and beautiful fashion.

In an age where the rules for how we work, live and play know no bounds, Contained offers an inventive solution to thrive in this space. Contained creates, adapts, shapes, builds, activates and operates spaces, whilst ensuring sustainable luxury and net zero carbon environmental footprint. 

We do so by crafting and converting shipping containers into boutique eco luxury hotels, co-living accommodation solutions, contemporary offices, bars, restaurants, boutiques, incubation hubs and untapped destinations.

Contained can be transformed into anything and transported anywhere – rooftops, wineries, islands, beachfronts, bushland and urban digs for a short or long-term activation, expansion and revenue generating outcome.

Our unique and innovative approach sees us activate and generate better use of empty but beautiful land and property whilst creating amenity for people to escape, live, work and play on their own terms.

Contained. Inventive design / Infinite potential.